The ImpactCenter Leadership Institute provides lay leaders with cutting edge pastoral leadership formation, and practical mentoring to help equip and empower them to be “spiritual multipliers” in their sphere of influence within the Church.

The Leadership Institute

Through solid training, small group interaction, and intentional mentoring on execution, the Leadership Institute enables leaders to go to the next level in their parishes, Catholic schools or apostolates, strengthening their confidence and competence in ministry.

The Church is in great need of solid leadership. It is our aim to empower each individual person to fulfill their unique God-given mission to the best of their ability, and to equip them with the practical skills to be effective. As Catholic leaders, modeling Jesus’ example of servant leadership and self-donation, each person is empowered to be an effective transmission of the treasure of the Church in their own family, workplace, parish, and community.

Core Values

  • Formation in the Interior Life for the sake of mission
  • Well-Rounded, Well-Integrated Human Formation
  • Foundational Intellectual and Theological Formation
  • Effective transmission of the New Evangelization

Influences of the Leadership Institute in other Dioceses:

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Archdiocese of Omaha:

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