The driving force of ImpactCenter is to build a solid formation in ministry by IMPACTING the life of the minister. Knowing that when one minister’s life is changed it can potentially impact thousands of other lives.

Impact Center Mission & Vision

The core of ImpactCenter is first and foremost to minister spiritually to ministers – parish staff, youth ministers, catechists, formation leaders, etc. Then to equip them to be exponentially more effective in what they do by focusing their energies on key principles for impactful ministry. Our team provides training, mentoring/coaching, and valuable resources to raise the bar for leadership in parish and Diocesan settings.

Our primary focus is leadership development.  ImpactCenter has developed a new Leadership Institute that provides lay leaders with cutting edge pastoral leadership formation and practical mentoring to help equip and empower them to be “spiritual multipliers” in their sphere of influence within the Church. Through solid training, small group interaction, and intentional mentoring on execution, the Leadership Institute enables leaders to go to the next level in their parishes, Catholic schools or apostolates, strengthening their confidence and competence in ministry.